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Looking for a new car or maybe you would like to change the current one to new one, but you do not want to incur additional costs every year?
Only we offer you exclusive conditions - choose a car from the list, finance it with BRC Finance, and do not pay for anything by using the BRC FULL Service.

What is it?

The BRC FULL Service will help you save money.
We will take care of everything:


When you select a car from the list and decide to use the BRC FULL Service we will not apply BRC Finance contract fee. You will save EUR 150 and services, listed below will cost you nothing, as you will only pay one payment per month.


Once a year or every 15,000 km we will change the oil and all filters. We will remind you about this by a call or a short message.


We will take care of your car technical inspection every few years. Before that, we will check the car at the BRC Service and provide recommendations for it‘s handling.


We will give and replace tires and also we will balance the wheels. You also do not have to worry about where to store them, because we will take care of it.


The BRC FULL Service includes both civil and Kasko insurances. We will follow duration of the insurance and extend it continuously.


If you drive a car that is charged on road, we will all pay all road taxes.


During car maintenance, technical inspection or handling, we will provide an alternate car for the entire handling period in order to avoid any inconvenience.


KAs soon as you sign the contract, we will take care that you leave from our center with full tank of fuel.


If necessary, we will arrange for you carriage of the roadside assistance.

How does it work?

1. You select a car from the list.
2. You fill out the Leasing application.
3. We confirm the BRC FULL Service offer.
4. If the offer is right for you, we will sign a contract.
5. You are free to use a new car.
6. And throughout all period, you will use all benefits of BRC FULL Service.

The deal applies only to cars that you can find here.
In order to provide a leasing offer, we will ask you to provide the necessary documents (identity document, spouse's consent, etc.).

Why BRC Finance is it useful for you?

BRC Finance is a car financing without bank, which is an extremely flexible leasing because we:

- we do not require your credit history;
- We give financing for those who living abroad;
- we can make a contract with the residual value.