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This is a great way to buy a car and pay for it only 50% of the amount and use a car without any conditions and any fees for 2 years. At the end of that period and paying the 50% of the remaining amount, the vehicle becomes your property or you can offer it to us for the rest of the amount.

Offer conditions:

  • The offer stands only when signing a contract with JSC "BRC Finance.
  • The buyer pays the seller a half (50%) of amount of the car before signing a contract with the financing company.
  • The rest of the car (50% of the remaining amount) the purchaser starts to pay only after 24 months. These 24 months, the buyer can use the vehicle without having to make any contribution.
  • After 24 months, the Buyer can choose whether to pay the rest (50%) of the value of the car or offer to sell a car for JSC "BRC Finance.
  • The offer applies for companies and for persons.
  • Will be applied contract fee.
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