BRC Leasing

BRC customers can take a lease of almost all vehicles that are offered for sale. Our services are available for both legal entities (companies, corporations, organizations, etc.) and natural (private) persons. We have noticed that customers are inclined to several leasing methods, as follows:    


Financial lease
The customer who has selected this purchase funding method pays the entire vehicle price by way of instalments (monthly payments), and becomes the owner of the vehicle right after the expiry of a contract.
When purchasing a vehicle by way of leasing, the customer has to decide on the following: vehicle age (a vehicle cannot be older than 10 years at the moment of expiry of a leasing contract, which means that if a vehicle is 4 years old, it can be financed only for a period of 6 years, if a vehicle is 5 years old, it can be financed only for a period of 5 years; accordingly the oldest vehicle eligible for leasing shall be 9 years old and can be financed for a period of 1 year. Usually, customers choose a 3-5 year leasing period, because over this period of time a vehicle does not become outdated (does not get obsolete) and can be sold or exchanged for another vehicle at our company successfully, and monthly payments are as low as possible), leasing period (a maximum term of a leasing contract shall not exceed 6 years; usually, it depends on the vehicle age: the older the vehicle, the shorter the contract term), down payment (a down payment means a one-off payment, whereby the customer covers a part of the vehicle price at the moment of signing a contract. The lowest down payment at BRC Autocentras is 0%, i.e. nothing is payable. However, keep in mind that the lower the down payment, the higher the payments every subsequent month because of the proportional increase in monthly payments. Usually customers wish to cover 10 – 30% of the vehicle price at the beginning; accordingly, in practice, it is an optimal down payment), vehicle price (according to our experience and sales research, it is efficient to purchase a vehicle by way of leasing if the price of such a vehicle is not less than 10 000 litas. It is needless to buy a cheaper vehicle by way of leasing because a vehicle would already be rather old and the customer would be eligible only for a short contract term. Besides, additional expenses (such as Kasko insurance) would significantly increase expenses).  
Operating lease (also called leasing with residual value)
The customer who has selected this purchase funding method does not have to pay the entire vehicle price, and upon the expiry of a contract does not pay the residual value of a vehicle because the vehicle re-purchaser, i.e. BRC, undertakes to pay this value and guarantees to the leasing company the repurchase of the customer’s vehicle. When buying a vehicle by way of an operating lease, the customer has to decide on the same factors (vehicle age, contract term, down payment and vehicle price) as buying a vehicle by way of leasing; however, s/he must also pay attention to the following aspects: this purchase method allows you to purchase a more expensive vehicle by paying the same contributions as in the case of leasing. For example, the customer who can afford paying monthly leasing premiums in the amount of LTL 300 and has paid a down payment of 10% over 3 years, can redeem a vehicle for approximately LTL 12 000 by way of an operating lease; s/he may also drive a vehicle under the same terms and conditions for approximately LTL 25 000. BRC shall guarantee the payment of a difference between LTL 12 000 and LTL 25 000 to the bank at its own expense. Whereas there is a residual value and upon the expiry of a contract, customers are willing to exchange a vehicle; therefore, we do not recommend (it is not efficient) to pay a down payment higher than 20%. Upon the expiry of a contract, the customer shall have the priority to purchase a vehicle at its residual value or to extend a contract, i.e. if the vehicle market price exceeds its residual value, then it is beneficial to redeem this vehicle, and where the vehicle market price does not exceed its residual value, then it is always possible to return the vehicle to BRC.   
N. B.
The main factor the customer must be aware of when choosing BRC vehicles and funding terms and conditions is that all the terms and conditions can be adjusted for the customer’s needs; there is no single condition which cannot be changed according to the customer’s need.

Here is the list of vehicles leased by BRC.

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