Purchasing a car in installments

We provide various car financing ways for persons and companies.

Before offering you the financing we always take in account your needs and offer the most suitable method. We finance new businesses, the people who work abroad. Only BRC offers financing without a bank, at that point we are flexible and open to questions, suggestions and ideas.

Fill leasing application

    Leasing period. The maximum lease term is 5 years, usually it depends on the car's age. If the car is older than the shorter will be leasing contract period

    Down payment - this is a one-time payment, the customer pays part of the cost of the car when signs the contract. The minimum down payment for the car in BRC is 10%. However, it is important to know that the smaller first payment is the more you need to pay each month.

    Interest. After receiving customer‘s application with the selected down payment and the term of the contract parameters in one hour we will present preliminary leasing proposal. In the proposal will be proposed the interest, which depends on customers salary, work experience, the car‘s age and price. When negotiating about lease terms, it is important to pay attention not only to the expression of interest as a percentage (%), but also a real change in the monthly payments and the total overpayment over the lease period (EUR). Buying a car by leasing, which costs about 10 000 eur, interest could be from 2% to 6% annual interest rate, the monthly lease payment will change just few euros. If the car costs about 30 000 eur, interest percentages will affect the size of monthly payments faster.

    Usually the customer is willing to pay about 10-20% car‘s price as a down payment and leasing agreements is signed from 3 to 5 years, interest average is about 4%.

    Leasing with residual value - is an opportunity to buy a more expensive car and to pay the same monthly payment as a normal leasing. The biggest difference from the normal leasing is a residual value. Residual value - is the last (higher) leasing payments. The customer who chooses this kind of financing don‘t have to pay the entire cost of the car. In the end of the leasing schedule customer can decide if he/she wants to pay the last last (higher) leasing payment. If the customer will be unwilling to pay it, the last payment becomes BRC commitment. Buying a car with Leasing with residual value customer also has to make a decision on the same criteria (the lease term, down payment, interest) as in normal leasing.
    Operating lease - is when a customer uses the car for a fixed monthly fee (long time car rent). When customer rents a car, he/she does not need to take care of the technical condition, tires, insurance and other car care concerns. The client simply uses the car, because all the worries will be taking care of all technical aspects of the BRC.