Purchasing a car in installments
Property valuation prices for:
Motor vehicles and motorcycles: 100 Eur + VAT
Commercial vehicles: 200 Eur + VAT

Assets evaluation

  • Movable valuation
  • Movable property

A certificate of qualification, which enables the company to engage in property valuation activities, was issued on 1 August 2012 (certificate No. 000089).

Our company's certified property valuators will carry out high quality and expeditious individual valuation of your property. The valuators' qualification and extensive experience in valuing various properties ensure an objective, legitimate and independent property valuation.

Property valuation is carried out in accordance with the Property Valuation Methodology approved by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, International Valuation Standards and European Valuation Standards and other legal acts, technical and methodological material and objects that must be evaluated.

Leidimai verstis kilnojamojo turto vertinimo veikla


Assistant qualification certificate