Auto komisas

Selling instantly

  • Worthful when you want to sell urgently
  • We’ll give our best price offer
  • We’ll take care of arranging all the documents
  • Remuneration in the most convenient way for you

Seeking for the best value

  • Useful when seeking for the highest value
  • Full management of the sales process
  • Lots of added value for your car buyer
  • Possibility of car exchange/replacement
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Selling process

1. Bring your car to the BRC Autocentre

  • We’ll assess the condition of the car, do primary photos, discuss your sales price expectations, sign a car commission or purchase agreement.
  • A trip with a Bolt shuttle within the city of Vilnius or Klaipėda is free, so you are covered once you leave a car for sales at BRC.

2. Car sales announcement on the sales platforms on the same day

  • a. After accepting your car, the advertisement for its sale will appear on the most popular advertisement portals on the same day (,, Autobilis, as well as the BRC Autocenter Facbook account and website.

3. Sales process

  • Firstly - a thorough washing of the exterior and interior, a professional photo session for further advertising.
  • The technical inspection of the car if it has expired.
  • Consulting your car buyers on site, preparing CarVertical and technical inspection report.
  • Your car at the BRC parking lot will be insured, its exhibition time will not be limited, we will protect it 24 hours a day.

4. Once we have a buyer

  • We will arrange all the necessary sales and registration formalities, whether we sell in Lithuania or abroad.
  • Remuneration in the most convenient way for you.