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Purchase, sale
Is replacement of the vehicle allowed?

Yes, you can replace your vehicle. We perform evaluations of cars, trucks, tractors, other transportation and technique evaluations of all trademarks and ages. You may check our offered exchange prices and the offered price for exchange of the car by filling out the questionnaire here.

What is a commission service?

Commission is a service which will help you to sold your car faster with our assistance.

  • We will take care for formalities of your vehicle purchase/sale, registrations and so on.
  • We will prepare the vehicle, i. e. we will wash, clean and picture it.
  • We will publish the information about the vehicle in all largest sale portals, such as: autoplius.lt, autogidas.lt, autobilis.lt, latauto.lv, ss.lv, zip.lv, avtobazar.ua, autoline.ua, mobile.de, auto24.ee, mascus.com, truck1.eu.
  • We will also offer the purchasers to purchase your vehicle by funding it instead of the bank and thus we will increase the possibility of sale.
  • If the vehicle is in working order, we will provide a warranty
  • During the sale process the vehicle will be kept in an insured and safe parking lot.

We will take care for everything and you will pay us after we sell the vehicle. If you sell it by yourselves or decide to take it back, you will not be obliged to pay for anything. Click here for more information.

What is the commission fee?

In all representative offices we apply a commission fee of 5% from the sale price of the vehicle (the amount of the commission fee is no less than 300 EUR).

Are all BRC vehicles subject to a warranty?

Yes, all vehicles sold by BRC are subject to a warranty without time and run limitations.

Kiek laiko garantija galioja?

The warranty is not limited by time or run. The main condition of the warranty is technical service of a vehicle (change of oils and filters) which must be regularly performed in BRC Service at least once a year or every 15.000 km depending on what is faster.

Which faults are covered by the warranty?

The warranty is provided for: engine cylinder block with shaft, pistons, connecting rods and oil pump, cylinder block head with shaft, valves and their parts, head bolt, gearbox and the services or parts which were made or replaced in BRC Service. Read more about the warranty.

Which faults are not covered by the warranty?

The warranty is not applied for all other mechanisms and parts of the vehicle which were not mentioned above, including but not limited to the chassis and its parts: the systems of engine cooling, fuel supply, ignition, gas emissions, conditioning systems, as well as driving, braking, rive transmission, clutch, amortization mechanisms, turbochargers, starters, generators, electricity systems, parts of hangers and the body and engine circuit. The warranty is also not applied to such regulation works as application and regulation of the doors and sunroofs, corrections of air noises and leakages in doors and sunroofs, wheel alignment and balancing and the use of fuel and oils if they do not exceed the norms specified by the manufacturer. Read more about the warranty.

In which cities BRC car services are located?

Vilnius and Klaipėda. Addresses of the services her.

Which services are provided by BRC service?

The specialists of BRC Service will take care for technical state and technical maintenance of cars, minivans, construction and other machinery. The cars are maintained and repaired with modern diagnostics and repair equipment.


  • Wheel mounting, balancing and repair;
  • Repair of engines, speed boxes and clutches;
  • Diagnostics and repair of chassis;
  • Change of oils and other liquids;
  • Technical maintenance;
  • Filling up of air conditioners;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Hyundai construction machinery warranty and post-warranty repairs and full service.

Can those who work in foreign and receive income there get their car funding?

Yes, we can fund all citizens of the Republic of Lithuania who are residing abroad because we provide car funding without a bank.

Which documents are necessary to get a car leasing?

Valid passport/personal ID card of the Republic of Lithuania and the complete leasing application. After we receive an application we may request to provide additional documents, such as income return, surety, agreement of the spouse and so on.

What is 50/50?

It is a payment method when 50% of the price of the vehicle is paid immediately and the remaining 50% is paid after 24 months.

  • Interest is calculated to the price of the vehicle;
  • There are no monthly fees;
  • Agreement fee of 200 Euro;
  • Casco insurance is required for the vehicle;
  • There is a possibility to return the vehicle to the seller after 24 months, i. e. to sell it to BRC Autocenter and do not pay the remaining amount of 50%, if the vehicle drove less than 75.000 km within 24 months and is in working order.
    More information about this offer.

How long does it take to purchase a vehicle by leasing?

From 1 to 24 hours (on working days).

What is leasing without bank?

It is a car funding when the customer does not have issues with the bank and the vehicle is funded by BRC Finance, UAB directly.

How mobile.de process is performed – how the vehicle is ordered from Europe?

You select a car on mobile.de or any other European car sales portal and send an inquiry to our mobile.de manager. BRC representative begins to coordinate all steps: checks the seller, car and documents, agrees regarding the car transportation, technical maintenance and other formalities. The car will be fully prepared for exploitation and transferred to you in Lithuania. You will have to pay only after verification and only provided that the verified vehicle is suitable for you.

How to make sure that the vehicle is in working order?

BRC Autocenter manager will contact the seller of the vehicle and find out the state and history of the vehicle, how often the vehicle had maintenance checks and whether it was involved in car accidents. You will be informed about this personally, thus you will know what kind of car you are going to buy. If the vehicle is not suitable, we will search for and verify other options.

How fast will the vehicle be in Lithuania?

5 working days approximately.

Is there a possibility to buy a car by instalments?

Yes. We will help to arrange the necessary documents with the leasing company selected by you. If the banks do not fund the vehicle, we will offer our leasing without a bank.

Is a car from Europe covered by BRC warranty?

Yes, the vehicle is covered by a warranty. Read more about the warranty.

Which services are provided by HML company?

HML, UAB is a BRC Group company which is the official representative of  Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe (construction machinery)in Lithuania. For Lithuanian construction industry we can offer a very wide range of professional and especially high quality HYUNDAI machinery, its service, warranty, spare parts, funding, machinery lease and insurance services. For more information click here.

How to find us?

Our BRC Autocentras are located in Vilnius and Klaipėda. Our contact details.