What 50/50 proposal stands for?

It’s one of the car rental models suitable for those entities that don’t want to have long term leasing commitments.
The proposal offers to pay half of the rent amount, use the car for two years and then decide: to extend, to purchase or to return.
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How can you benefit from a 50/50 proposal?

You can use the car on the same day already without any monthly rent fees for the next 2 years. You’ll know the exact day and amount of the second payment. More than that, after 24 months from the date of signing the contract, you will have the possibility to return the car, buy it or extend the rental period for few more years.


For example, the price of a car is EUR 10,000. On a 50/50 proposal basis you’ll pay EUR 5,750 on the day you sign the contract and use the car for 24 months without paying any additional fees. The second part of the rent is paid two years later, which will add another EUR 5,750. If you’ll pay the second part you will have the right to become the owner of the car, but if the car is no longer needed you’ll simply return it.

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Possibilities to return the car or extend the payout period.

If the car usage contract is coming to its end but you don’t want to pay the second part of the rent, we’ll offer the following for your convenience:

  • We can extend the rental period;
  • You can return the car to us and do not pay the remaining rent (the returned car must meet the requirements of the state technical inspection and have not driven more than 60,000 km).

The main conditions of the 50/50 proposal:

  • The first amount of rent is required;
  • Contract fee is applied;
  • Casco insurance is required.